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I watched the first lost episode and I still thought it was great but I found myself answering many of the mysterious things they encounter or have to wonder about for years. I found this very disappointing and stopped to watch the later ones. This made me go to "lostpedia" the lost wiki. I found myself wrapped in the mystery's of the Island that I had missed. These are the questions I would like answered please post your theory's.

-Polar bears brought by DHARMA?

-How did the U.S army find the island during the time travel episodes?

-John Locke alive????????

_What did the nuke do?

Thank you for your theory's   


I would read Lostpedia after every show. Had to wait a couple of days for it to get updated.

1. Polar bears were kept on the 2nd island, but I don't know why. Maybe the island was moved to the artic in the past. The wheel that moves the island is in an ice-cold cave.

2. Possibly before the island was hidden. The suggeston is the army was just going to use this remote island for a nuclear bomb test.

3. Doesn't look good for John since his body rolled out of that box. Even eye-liner-guy said... "I've never seen anyone come back to life on the island."

4. The nuke seals the cave (remember all the melted rock) and creates the need to set up the pressure release button. But why is the station livable after a nuke I wonder? Radiation, right?

I did find the answer for John Locke he wasn't John at all but Jacobs nemesis in Johns body hint Jacob saying "well I guess you found your loophole" Jacob and Nemesis go through a conversation regarding the ship at the begging of series "The Black Rock" They go over how humanity is reckless although Jacob says it's the way of evolution Nemesis then says I really want to kill you and Jacob says you need to find your loophole.So Nemesis,Jacob,and Richard are not affect by age all of these people have been on the Island longer than anyone else I don't know what the connection is between those people so I suppose they will explain February 3rd. And the Island has been to I'm guessing Africa,Arctic, and the Indian Ocean.

Yes, the fake Locke (the nemesis to Jacob) is alive at the end, but then the episode showed the box being opened and dumping out the body of Locke... the one from the casket aboard the 2nd crash. That's the dead Locke that Richard hints cannot be revived.

I wonder if Jacob and the Nemesis are Cain and Able.

I think they are Mysterious Strangers.

As the first episode quickly approaches, I've been giving it some thought.

So when the original plane crashed in the first episode, Desmond was in the hatch entering the numbers. Ben and the "others" were inhabiting the Dharma town. Certainly Ben and the "others" knew Desmond was down there and knew the importance of entering the numbers. Were they monitering him? If they knew Des was down there, why didn't they help him out - it was a pretty important task.

Wasn't Desmond late entering the numbers (maybe when his predecessor tried to leave the island and Des accidently killed him) which caused the supa magnet to pull the plane down?

Why did Widmore stage the fake crash? Did he know the crash would happen somehow? How did he even know the plane crashed on the island - wasn't he trying to find the island for years? What's his motivation here? Also, it's funny that Widmore and his daughter Penny are independently trying to locate the island and she beats him to it.

Moving to last season, the "nemisis" appears to have the ability to occupy peoples bodies (like Locke). Is it possible that he is the one appearing as Christian (Jack's Dad)? Did he appear as Ben's daughter when Ben went to be judged by the smoke monster (Locke DID go to get a vine during this time to help pull Ben back up - so it's possible Nemisis was appearing as both Locke and Ben's daughter)?

Where's Claire (not Clair Cashel)? Isn't she Jack's half-sister thru Christian?


I have a feeling this final season isn't going to be able to wrap-up all the loose ends.

Ah! I am a little jealous that I haven't even been able to watch season 4 due to the lack of streaming qualities on this internet connection. Wish I was caught up with you guys! Will not be reading these posts. The only thing I'd like to add is that perhaps there are no answers to these mysteries.

Here is my prediction, Grant: Some of your questions will be answered, and others will be raised (this is what I say anytime anyone asks me a question about an upcoming episode of Lost and it always works).

I'm looking forward to Lost, but the time travel stuff really turned me off of the show. I thought there would be reasonable explanations, but now it looks like a lot of stuff won't be explained or will just be part of an alternate universe with a different history. It seems like they will wind up killing just about everyone off, but then they will be able to change history and stop the plane from crashing, so everyone will really be saved, even though they died, and they won't know each other meaning essentially the show never happened. If they use the nuke, then I don't think anyone has to push the button anymore.

Ok so the plane crash was made very very far into the series to make sure no one would look for the survivors.Clarie goes back to the island with the others.

The nuke was supposed to close the magnetic energy pocket. The survivors thought that the plane would never crash if the pocket was closed (this was when the gang was back in time)

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