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The national geography bee has begun and I have already beaten my class! The geo bee is a competition sponsored by National Geographic to test students in the country .The winner receives a large scholarship to the college they are going to. I still have to beat the other representatives from the other classes ( which is five). If I can beat them I go to Jacksonville for the state competition. I've already won they just don't know it. I am confident that I can win because EVERY question given to me was answered correctly, this was only accomplished by one other student. I'm going to study hard I know I can do this but it still won't easy. But I've already won they just don't know it!       


Great job Andrew! Good luck!

Way to go, Andrew! What was your hardest question so far? Have you seen the commercial where the guy in the office hires a kid as a consultant to help him with his international sales? Maybe you're that kid!

My hardest question? I will answer that with a reenactment....

Miss Unser: Andrew what country is closest to a small populated island in the Persian gulf?

Andrew: United Arab Emirates?

Miss Unser: What? How did you know that? that's correct.

I hope that answered your question!

GO, ANDREW! Hip, hip, hooray!!!!! I'm pulling foryou!

Really, how DID you know United Arab Emirates? That's amazing!!!

Sounds like you answered a really hard question, but did she name the island in her question? There are many small populated islands in the Persian Gulf and they are near different countries. For example Faylakah is nearest Kuwait. [I had to google that.]

Sorry I didn't talk for a while but if you didn't know I came in 2nd. I lost because of a question I knew. Oh well.

Sorry you didn't win, but 2nd is still better than (almost) anyone else. What happened that you would miss a question you knew? Did you think it was a trick? Maybe you knew too much about the subject to give a simple answer. That happens to me a lot, almost all the time.

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