Getting LOST agian

I watched the first lost episode and I still thought it was great but I found myself answering many of the mysterious things they encounter or have to wonder about for years. I found this very disappointing and stopped to watch the later ones. This made me go to "lostpedia" the lost wiki. I found myself wrapped in the mystery's of the Island that I had missed. These are the questions I would like answered please post your theory's.

-Polar bears brought by DHARMA?

-How did the U.S army find the island during the time travel episodes?

-John Locke alive????????

_What did the nuke do?

Thank you for your theory's   

Geo Bee

The national geography bee has begun and I have already beaten my class! The geo bee is a competition sponsored by National Geographic to test students in the country .The winner receives a large scholarship to the college they are going to. I still have to beat the other representatives from the other classes ( which is five). If I can beat them I go to Jacksonville for the state competition. I've already won they just don't know it. I am confident that I can win because EVERY question given to me was answered correctly, this was only accomplished by one other student. I'm going to study hard I know I can do this but it still won't easy. But I've already won they just don't know it!       

Radar responds to open door with rope

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Radar responds to doing rope open door

Teaching Radar

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I have begun to teach Radar to open doors and do Tricks Suggestions?

Avatar The Movie

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On the 18th the family went too see avatar the movie. The movie is about aliens and humans in a resource war. The entire movie is in 3D. The 3D makes you feel like you are in the movie. The movie is not all war and violence most of it is amazing jungle scenes full of wildlife. Although the movie is PG-13 small children should not see it. There is a large amount of curse words. The movie is jaw dropping in terms of storyline and visuals. If I was to grade it out of 10 I would give it a 9.3 I loved it.    

First Entry

This is my first entry. I am glad to finally have a blog so I can talk to family! Hi everybody! 

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  • Radar responds to doing rope open door

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