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Getting LOST agian

I watched the first lost episode and I still thought it was great but I found myself answering many of the mysterious things they encounter or have to wonder about for years. I found this very disappointing and stopped to watch the later ones. This made me go to "lostpedia" the lost wiki. I found myself wrapped in the mystery's of the Island that I had missed. These are the questions I would like answered please post your theory's.

-Polar bears brought by DHARMA?

-How did the U.S army find the island during the time travel episodes?

-John Locke alive????????

_What did the nuke do?

Thank you for your theory's   

Geo Bee

The national geography bee has begun and I have already beaten my class! The geo bee is a competition sponsored by National Geographic to test students in the country .The winner receives a large scholarship to the college they are going to. I still have to beat the other representatives from the other classes ( which is five). If I can beat them I go to Jacksonville for the state competition. I've already won they just don't know it. I am confident that I can win because EVERY question given to me was answered correctly, this was only accomplished by one other student. I'm going to study hard I know I can do this but it still won't easy. But I've already won they just don't know it!       

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