Avatar The Movie

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On the 18th the family went too see avatar the movie. The movie is about aliens and humans in a resource war. The entire movie is in 3D. The 3D makes you feel like you are in the movie. The movie is not all war and violence most of it is amazing jungle scenes full of wildlife. Although the movie is PG-13 small children should not see it. There is a large amount of curse words. The movie is jaw dropping in terms of storyline and visuals. If I was to grade it out of 10 I would give it a 9.3 I loved it.    

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Aunt Kathy, Kelly, Claire and I saw Avatar yesterday. We had the choice of seeing 2D for $3 less or 3D. We are glad we chose 3D. (We went and got snacks from Kmart.) All agree this is an amazing movie. I'd like to see it again because it was so visually rich. The detail with alien animals and plants is amazing.

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