Lights of America Model 2005A

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I had previously concluded to not buy Lights of America lightbulbs, but one problem with blogs is that they are not readily available as you are standing in Wal-Mart. (I suppose they will be some day.)

I leave a 25 watt bulb burning outside of our basement door to discourage unwanted visitors. Because I don't routinely go to the basement, it often ends up being on continuously. While 25 watts is not a lot, switching to a 5 watt (25 watt 215 lumen equivalent) compact fluorescent makes me feel less guilty about leaving the light on.

We'll see if it is still burning 6,000 hours later. That's on June 16th, 2006.



Jeb said:

Still burning after a solid 4 months of 24 hour use.

Jeb said:

Oh... and with my BlackBerry blogs are now readily available in Wal-Mart.

Jeb said:

The bulb expired sometime in August. So it lasted longer than expected, and I'll go ahead and buy another.

Dad said:

What is "Lights of America"?

Jeb said:

Lights of America is a brand name for the long lasting, compact flourescent lightbulbs. Follow the link in the first sentence to see a picture. I just bought $10 G.E. mini-spiral lightbulbs for a little over $10 at Sam's, so prices continue to drop.

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